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Which is Better, Sliding Glass Doors or French Doors?

Which is Better, Sliding Glass Doors or French Doors?

As you prepare to be outdoors more often, now is a good time to contemplate patio door replacement. An updated door can improve your home while helping you conserve on energy bills year-round.

French doors and sliding glass doors are two of the most in demand styles. But which works better with Kelowna houses, sliding glass doors or French doors? Here’s how they rank so you can select the ideal solution for your home.

French Doors

The most common French doors have two swinging hinged doors. These doors have wide glass panes that provide a window-like look.

This style suits many types of homes, from traditional to historic. It’s also made in folding and sliding styles for contemporary houses. If you have a broad doorframe, you can leverage customization solutions to add extra panes.

There are a few points to think about when looking at French doors:

  • View: They deliver one of the widest views, especially when you select an accordion option.
  • Customization: They’re very personalizable, from style to material and color.
  • Airflow: While they give the biggest amount of breeze when open, they don’t have screens.
  • Space: They take up a large portion of wall and floor area, which can be an issue for little rooms.
  • Furniture placement: Some styles swing open, which influences where you can place furniture in your room or on your deck.
  • Maintenance: They might require adjustment after a few years.
  • Cost: While the price depends on material and customization options, French doors are typically 20% higher than sliding doors due to installation difficulty.

Sliding Glass Doors

While they often come with two panels, sliding glass doors have up to four panels. Two-panel is the most typical kind, with one that’s secured and another that slides on rollers. Four-panel is trendy, with two secure panels and two sliding panels.

With a lot of customization possibilities to pick from, this affordable patio door solution can enhance most kinds of houses. In love with the look of French doors but are on a slim budget or have a compact room? You can create your sliding door with a big frame or grille option.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind with sliding glass doors:

  • View: They also provide a broad view, although they may have a bigger frame and less glass than other French door types.
  • Customization: They’re also highly customizable with material and color. Many Pella® sliding glass patio doors can be customized with grilles, as well as between-the-glass blinds or shades.
  • Airflow: Sliding patio doors allow a sizeable amount of fresh air shielded by a screen. Some Pella sliding doors can be customized with Rolscreen®, which tucks away the screen when it’s not being used.
  • Energy efficiency: They’re one of the most energy-efficient kinds of patio doors because they create a snug seal. Several Pella models have even been awarded ENERGY STAR® selection.
  • Space: You won’t have to be concerned with furniture placement like with hinged patio doors, because these doors open by moving horizontally on a track. This helps them save space. And with a big view and lots of daylight, they can make smaller homes appear more spacious.
  • Maintenance: The track on this door model requires regular cleaning and may have to have lubrication.
  • Cost: Sliding doors are the most reasonably priced style of patio door. Because they’re placed as a total unit, they’re usually lower-priced to replace than French doors.

Design Your Updated Patio Door with Pella of Kelowna

The patio door that’s a good match for your home depends on your needs and budget. Our experts at Pella of Kelowna are here to help when you need to install a new one. Reach us at 250-863-7902 or contact us online to get started right away.

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