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What are the Advantages of Storm Doors?

What are the Advantages of Storm Doors?

A lot of homes have storm doors, but few Kelowna homeowners honestly know the perks that come along with them. Storm doors add a number of advantages for homeowners in Kelowna. Plus, storm doors can be valuable for homeowners all over the country, through all of the seasons.

Visualization: Whether you purchase a screen, glass, or the ability to change out the screen and glass, a storm door is a good investment if you’re craving a view. Storm doors mean you’re able to have both a view and let in some natural light while you’re at it. Without a storm door, you would have a wide open door that welcomes unwanted bugs, weather and visitors – it truly plays a role in your lifestyle. Storm doors permit you to look out to the city, countryside or even your kids playing on the playground without worry.

Insulation: Skip cranking up the air on breezy days and let a storm door with a screen do the work for you. A storm door allows you to enjoy beautiful days in Kelowna, whether you’re still inside getting chores done or reading a book. They’re also great on the days you don’t want anything to do with the outdoors. In the wintertime, a storm door with glass can add a second barrier from the climate outside. This extra layer can help retain the heat in your home.

Protection: After you add a storm door, there are a number of benefits you can expect to obtain, including an additional layer that can help give you protection from foul weather in Kelowna. Heavy duty weather stripping can help you keep the outside elements outside. Not to mention that storm doors can look good, too!

For more information on the types of storm doors that Pella Windows & Doors - Kelowna has, visit our showroom in Kelowna or call us at 250-863-7902. Our experts look forward to help you take the next step with you to protect your home.

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